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Dimensions Art Gallery – A World Of Imagination


My Family and I were given the opportunity to head Downtown and check out the Dimensions Art Gallery!

I had been seeing ads on Facebook, and it looked like so much fun! I must say, they are also phenomenal at keeping things safe for all their guests during this interesting time we are in.

If you’re interested in checking them out, see their info and prices right here.

If you’ve ever wanted to walk on the wild side through a serene jungle with wild cats and ginormous elephants, hang off the side of a building hundreds of feet above other buildings and traffic or take a selfie with a monkey, this is the place for you! Really, the possibilities are endless if you have the right imagination!

Take a look at the Dimensions Art Gallery pieces, and some of the fun photos you can take!

There are many sides to everyone… which side is best?


Upside down? Right side up? Sideways? Super powers? Maybe all of the above?! Defy gravity.

How about some target practice! 100 points if you hit the middle!

Sit back and relax…. ride the waves and take it easy..

Boy sitting on surf board riding a wave - at an art installment
boy riding a wave on surfboard at an art installment
woman pretending to practice yoga while sitting on a surfboard at an art installment

If you came face to face with a fire breathing beast… would you win the battle?

boy hiding behind shield from a fire breathing dragon at an art installment

Walk the plank, but watch out for the man eating shark!

boy afraid and sitting on a plank over shark infested waters at an art installment

Wander into the forbidden jungle.

woman walking up stairs to nowhere in a jungle at an art installment

Feelin’ a little small these days.

mother and son in an optical illusion room at an art installment

Look out below!!!

boy "falling" off a building at an art installment

We had SO much fun taking these photos! It was definitely a great experience and something different, that we’ve never done before. I love that they change up their exhibit from time to time, and I can’t wait to see what they bring in next!



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