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Feel Confident. Be Protected. Wear Revol.

f710d5a096b49ca2552970242aadca16It’s that time of the month again. Aunt Flo has shown up, unwanted, again. However, she’s here to stay, for several days, at least. So why not make yourself comfortable? My period has changed a lot over the course of the years. From a young teen, to being a new mom, to the new normal after child birth, it changes throughout the years. The length of your cycle, and the flow.

I think it’s safe to say we have all experienced leaks, and  feeling uncomfortable with our choice of feminine products (pads, tampons, menstrual cup..) so what if I told you that you could go without ANY of those products? Period Undies have been popping up on the market over the last several years, and I’m going to introduce you to my favourite ones, Revol!

What is Revol? It is Revolutionary! Here’s a bit about them, and their products..

Revol was created by Women, for all Women, right here in Vancouver! Jen, the founder and creator wanted to create a product that would help Women feel empowered, and comfortable in their own skin during one of our not so favourite time of the month. Their period proof undies are made with a combination of extremely absorbent and leak proof materials, keeping us comfortable and protected all day long. They’re made so you do NOT need to wear a tampon or pad, they can be worn 100% on their own. If you feel more comfortable with an extra layer of protection, pop on a liner or a thinner pad. They come in Medium Protection, Heavy Protection and Extra Heavy, so you can pick based on how your period flows.

Everyone, no matter who, deserves to feel comfortable and flawless during their period. With Revol Period Undies, they’ve done just that. It’s time to throw away those feminine products and grab yourself some Revol!

The Revol Period Undies I received to try and review were The Maya and The Stasey, both in Medium Protection. I absolutely love them! Clean lines, stretch, comfort. The feeling of not having to wear a pad was freeing. Something I had never thought about before. Being able to wear it through the day, and not have to worry about changing a pad or tampon was truly wonderful!! I love the subtle, yet girly look they offer.

They each came wrapped up in decorative paper, clearly marked and labeled. The package even comes with care instructions. Super quick and easy to wash/clean. When you first get them rinse thoroughly, then hang to dry. After use, rinse immediately with a bit of soap to help clean them then machine wash, but do not throw them in the dryer, hang them till fully dry.



The Maya offers a mid-rise waist,  detailed elastic on top and around the legs, and sheer, mesh material on the sides. Beautiful and comfortable!

The Stasey is a bikini brief, with similar detailed elastic around the top and legs, smooth and comfortable feel, perfect for any day on your cycle.

Revol Period Undies are most definitely part of my new routine during my cycle. I’ll definitely be grabbing some more pairs, and buying far less feminine hygiene products! Help support local businesses, shop Revol for all your Period Undie needs! I know I will be!




All thoughts written in this post were my own after being able to try Revol Period Undies. 

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