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life UNpacked – Local, Recyclable, and Biodegradable Self Care Products!

🌍 I was gifted these products to try and review! 🌎20200424_011143

Have you taken a moment to really think of all the plastic that is used on products you regularly use? Do you recycle it accordingly? Throw it in the garbage? It isn’t as easy as it seems. Not all plastic can simply be tossed in your recycling bin, nor does it belong in the trash. It would be great if we could buy products that were easy to recycle and could be disposed of in a way that helps our environment, no? Thanks to life UNpacked, it’s possible!

Earth Day was just upon us, which means now is a great time to introduce you to life UNpacked,  which carries personal care items that can be recycled, or thrown in your compost after use. They’re a Vancouver based business, which I discovered at The Vancouver Christmas Market this past year!

I was lucky enough to try their bamboo razor, with stainless steel blades, shampoo bar, shave bar, soap, bamboo and cotton swabs, bamboo floss, bamboo toothbrush, and tooth powder. Find my review of each item below!

Bamboo Razor and Blades

When I first opened the Bamboo Razor, I was extremely intimidated, it definitely wasn’t your regular razor. I was quite worried that I would cut myself with it, so I put off using it for a bit. I looked up how to attach the blade on their website. I was so pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to shave with! I have super sensitive skin and get cuts very easily. You barely need any pressure, and it gives you such a close clean shave! I have very dark hair, and usually still can see black spots after shaving, and I did not have that issue using this razor! The razor handle is made of bamboo, with stainless steel. Absolutely recommend this razor as an alternative to the mainstream plastic razors!



Shave Bar

First things first, this shave bar smells amazing! I’ve never used a shave bar before, I’ve always used plain old soap, and occasionally shave cream. The shave bar helps keep your legs smooth after shaving. This did not dry out my skin after, which is what I normally experience using regular soap. The shave bar helped create a smooth shave along with the bamboo razor. The Shave Bar came in a tin travel box, along with a little metal tray to keep on the side of the tub. If you do not need the tin, you can buy the soap individually! They literally think of everything!



Shampoo Bar

The Shampoo Bar is a great alternative to shampoo, it is 100% natural, and doesn’t strip your hair of its natural oils, eliminating the need for a conditioner. I’ve never used a Shampoo Bar, so it was great to experience something different. It lathers perfectly for a great wash. Unfortunately it isn’t for me, as I have long and extremely thick hair, I couldn’t quite get enough to really give my hair a good wash. Though, my hair is shiny and less frizzy because of it! Perhaps in the future we will see shampoo? I do love the idea of the bar!



I have always loved handmade soap. I’ve been gifted it by many people, but have never attempted to make it myself. This soap is so much more moisturizing than regular soap, which leaves my skin dry and flakey, this soap from life UNpacked really loves my skin. With a fresh scent, and the option of purchasing a small travel tin, this is sure to be your next go to soap, which you can take anywhere. Going to the pool? Bring your soap! Going camping? Bring the soap! Staying in a hotel? You got it, bring this soap! It is sure to help you feel extra squeaky clean!


Bamboo Cotton Swabs

I use Q-tips after every shower, but they just end up in our landfill, which is not good for our planet. These Bamboo Swabs are compostable, and can get thrown in with your compost once you’ve finished with them. This makes me a lot more confident in my decision to use these instead.


Tooth Powder

While I love the idea of Tooth Powder, I like to use toothpaste with fluoride as I believe it is important for healthy teeth. It cleans great, and has a great taste to it, but it wasn’t personally for me. This powder comes in a glass container, which is recyclable if you do not intend to reuse. No need to wet your toothbrush, simply dip and start brushing, it foams from the moisture in your mouth to give you a good clean.



Bamboo Floss

This Bamboo Floss was fantastic! I tend to not floss as I forget and I have trouble getting my hand in my mouth to maneuver the floss. It also often breaks and gets stuck. This Bamboo Floss did neither. It did not break or get stuck making it more simple to floss. It is perfect for those with tighter areas between their teeth. Unfortunately this can not yet be composted, but they are working on a better solution so it can be in the future. This floss can also be purchased with a small glass container for storage, and with a spot on top for cutting the floss after you take your desired amount.


Bamboo Toothbrush 

This Bamboo Toothbrush is one of my favourites. I have been using it for a bit now as I received one at The Vancouver Christmas Market. The bristles are so soft and clean much better than a regular toothbrush. You don’t need to brush as hard to receive the same level of clean. Once you’re finished, pull out the bristles and throw your handle right in your compost bin. These brushes are available for both adults and children.



ALL their products come in recycled and recyclable packaging!

Have you tried any of life UNpacked products? If you’re interested, now’s your chance! Thanks to life UNpacked, I am GIVING AWAY a family set of 6 Bamboo Toothbrushes (number of adult and child brushes will depend on the family who wins!) Visit my Facebook or instagram page to enter!

4 thoughts on “life UNpacked – Local, Recyclable, and Biodegradable Self Care Products!”

  1. Thank for highlighting a great company! We need more eco friendly dental care and toothbrushes, the plastic ones are so wasteful!


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