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Online Paint Parties For The Whole Family


Staying at home for an unknown amount of time will be hard. Especially for kids, of any age. Trying to find things to keep them entertained on the daily is tough, especially since we don’t want them playing video games all day or being on the computer.

I’m so happy that a friend of mine (thanks Stephanie!) Came across East Coast Paint Party PEI on Facebook, they were offering FREE online paint parties for families! The one she came across was a Magic Kingdom Castle paint party. They do it live, but the video stays up and you can watch it anytime.

Today I tried (note the word tried) to paint the Magic Kingdom Castle, it was fun but certainly difficult, as I’m no artist. The best part is, you don’t have to be! It is for ALL skill levels. There was recently a superhero paint party, which my son will try, and soon there will be a Mickey Mouse one.

I did not have many supplies, really all I had was a few acrylic paints. I used Michaels curbside pickup to grab what I needed.

I grabbed their 10 pack of canvas, size 8×10, though I wish I purchased a larger size as in the video he has a larger one. It was tough to try and add my parts in when the canvas was smaller. I also picked up a 9 pack of Creatology paint brushes, however, I do not recommend the ones pictured, as I was constantly picking hairs off my painting from the brush.

For this particular painting I need red, white, blue, black and yellow paints. I already had the red and yellow, so I bought the others through Michael’s. Craft Smart paint is a great price, and great quality. Best to get acrylic, though I has to substitute a couple for matte as the acrylics were sold out.

You will also need a couple plates for mixing, I used paper plates I already had at home, and some napkins. Then a cup of water for cleaning your brushes.

On their Facebook page, they will give you a list of supplies on the Facebook Event page for each painting. To check out their Facebook Page and see the paint parties they have available check out their Facebook Page today!

I cannot wait to participate in more of these online parties from home, my son is excited too. Get the whole family involved! Here is my painting along the way..

Please forgive my painting skills, I tried! 🤣

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