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Stanley Park Ghost Train – Alice In Nightmareland!

The Stanley Park Ghost Train has been running for decades, I went there as a kid, and now I take my son there as well. The train runs all year long, but during the Halloween season it gets a creepy overhaul. Back when I was young, scary costumed creatures jumped out at you and crawled along the top of the train, things have certainly changed. Every year is a new theme, and this year was Alice In Nightmareland. It was so well done! It is definitely cold, so do make sure you dress warmly.

The train is nestled inside Stanley Park, Vancouvers biggest and most beautiful park.

Pictures are not the greatest, as it is quite hard to take good photos when everything is moving!

As a huge Disney fan, I knew I had to see this year! This was more based off the live action version with Johnny Depp. You start off going through a dark tunnel, and arrive in Alice’s nightmare. She is being chased by the White Rabbit, trying to find her way through the maze of doors.

You then come upon The Queen Of Hearts, who wishes to take off your heads!

Luckily, her aim is off…

Unfortunately, we were all quite late to the tea party. We must have missed quite the evening..

One of my personal favourites was Alice fighting the Jabbawockee! She pulled out her mighty sword and defeated the giant creature!

My photos don’t do it justice, it was very well done and a completely unique take on the story of Alice In Wonderland.

Either before or after your train ride, take a wander around the exterior of the train station. There is much more to see! There is a small pumpkin patch near the entrance. There is a haunted maze, a kids activity area with face painting and arts and crafts.

The Mad Hatter makes appearances, wandering around the train and surrounding areas. He is quite the jokester.

There are also fun photo spots, The Mad Hatter even jumped in on one of the photos with the kiddo.

There are many other odds and ends that bring this theme together.

One part we really enjoyed aside from the train itself was was a show put on by The Queen Of Hearts herself! Show off your skills in a friendly croquette game. Watch her carefully she doesn’t play fair! She will pluck you from the crowds to be the hoops, and the peg. She will give you impossible rules to make it hard for you to play… she must win, or it is off with your heads!

My son as one of the hoops!

Be sure to visit The Stanley Park Ghost Train next Halloween! Can’t wait to see what theme next year brings! Need other ideas for Halloween in Vancouver? Read my post on our families favourite Halloween Events in Vancouver!

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